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Uno Momento Por Favor

June 23, 2010

So, I’m behind on this month’s A Wrinkle in Time illustration(s) so in lieu of being prompt and on time, I’m posting other stuff to tide you over.

Last weekend, my friend Kacey got married and I painted her this wedding gift. I’ve known Kacey since the 8th grade which made the wedding pretty momentous, especially considering that most of us are leaving Stafford now that we are all post-grads, kind of like the season finale before the subsequent spin-off series. The wedding reception was a tea party and vaguely Alice and Wonderland themed which made painting this a no-brainer.

On a side note, I found this wonderful article on Charles Dodgson a.k.a Lewis Carroll. It always seemed to me that since Carroll was the one responsible for penning this incredible fantastical wonderful land, he himself must have been an eccentric guy, or at least quirky. Turns out he was bit of a stodgy conservative mathematician, writing this story as an elaborate farce about the changing world of Mathematics and how it had become completely nonsensical with the introduction of things like imaginary numbers. It makes sense though, Alice was always so unimpressed with the Wonderland she found herself in and we as the reader found more enjoyment in it than she ever did.

I also painted this portrait of Lady Gaga for my little brother who turns 19 today. We spend a lot of time talking about Lady Gaga (and what possible hobbies she could have) and he’s been trying to convince me of her glory for a full year now. He saw her in concert way back forever ago and still talks about how boss it was. I do love how her bob hair cut with that hair bow reminds me so much of a samurai warrior’s helmet. And Bad Romance is a really good song.

Lastly, a warm up sketch to commemorate that Roller Derby story I did forever ago finally seeing print. Jam! Tales From The World of Roller Derby is out today with a bunch of other work that I haven’t seen yet because I’m stuck inside finishing that A Wrinkle in Time work on this beautiful day and can’t make it out to get a copy yet.

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