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January 25, 2011

Chicago has been getting really really cold. That arctic blast that came through the Windy City last Friday, dropping the temperatures in the mid-morning to around zero, ushered in a new second winter. I know its my first winter here and I definitely still have a fair share of southern moderately tempered blood in me but I can’t help but equate my first winter here with that of the settlers of Jamestown. My roommates and I are always sick and curled up on the couch either sleeping too late or not enough with sweet relief not arriving for a few more months. I still love the almost daily snow showers.

My class in January was relocated to February to ensure that more of my handful of students could make it, what with the holidays and the New Year and all. And the owners of the store my class is taught at, Challengers Comics + Conversations are trying to see if they can get my students to pay for the class, so I can actually get a few dollars for the time I spend making lesson plans and teaching. I’ve already received emails complaining which has been disheartening. Trying to explain to someone that your time is worth at least ten dollars does not make one feel great. I’m a little nervous about the whole thing.

Now that I’m nearing the end of the pencil stage for “In The Parlor Room”, I’ve been devoting more time to my next comix endeavor. It has no title at the moment but I can tell you it’ll be around 80 to 100 pages, focused on this lovely lady you see above. By the looks of it, its going to probably be the closest I’ll ever get to a full on auto-biographical comic. A tale of romance and woe set about a hundred years in our future.

It has been so much fun day dreaming about the “future” though. Maybe its because I live in a major metropolitan city now, all public transportation and buskers on street corners and traffic jams and billboards and disgusting alleyways and a winter that knows no reprise, that its been so much easier for me to envision “the future”. Do I want robots in my future? Hell yes. Aliens? No way jose. Hover cars? Nope. Space travel? Naw, too costly. Laser blasters? Banned in the 2070’s. In all honesty, the stuff I’ve been designing is fairly tame. Like coffee pots and cutlery and bicycles and winter jackets with zip up hoods and debit cards and television sets and naval fleets. I guess those hover but not very far above the surface of the ocean.

Lastly, I’m shouting out.

My ex-roommate/ life coach/ favorite drunk text message receiver and sender Dave Valeza has a new website HERE! Not only that but his debut graphic novel which he penciled and practically rewrote called An Elegy for Amelia Johnson hits stores this March. I’m so over joyed to see Dave’s book finally see its day in the sun after so many years gestating. Last time I heard, he even drew the outside of the building he and I lived in together in the book.

Thanks again for reading readers, all forty two of you who follow me on Google Reader. Hi! I know you’re out there!

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  1. molly permalink
    January 25, 2011 8:02 PM

    i’m glad the future still remembers the 80’s.

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