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The Full Brunt of It

February 19, 2011

I’ll try and keep things brief so I don’t clog up your casual Saturday night browser surfing.

1. Progress on In The Parlor Room is steady, albeit a little slow. I’m over the halfway mark and most of the more complicated pages are behind me so this final push should be pretty tame.

2. Its getting closer and closer to the convention season so here’s a little heads up for y’all. Its sorta lame that only one of the four venues I’ll be tabling at this year will NOT be in Chicago. TCAF is going to make up for it ten-fold.

3. Two birthday gifts for my wonderful friends Miles and Zachary, the best twin brothers I know who’s obsession with the X-Men is only matched by their encyclopedic knowledge of pop music.

4. Maybe its because I’ve been drawing and inking comics at such a fevered pace these days that I have this feeling my illustration work is stagnating. Maybe I have nothing to worry about, maybe this piece isn’t pushing me too far away from what I’ve already been doing, maybe I’m on to something really dynamite. Lord, I have no idea.

I do know that this is almost a week late of Valentine’s Day but I’m going to pretend no one is noticing.

5. In other news…

A.) My roommate/ drinking buddy/ friendship bracelet weaver Jonathan Bell Wolfe has a new website up! You should all follow him and give him the props he totally deserves because he is one of the greatest folks in my life. Check him out HERE!

B.) While I’m at it, my other roommate Michael Jewell has been updating his webcomic again! If you love beautiful ink washes and crumbling ghettos and anthropomorphic buds, I’d say its totally worth the peruse HERE!

C.) Lastly, I have a twitter and I don’t know how it happened. I mean, I do know. I signed up for it and I’ve been posting in secret but…I mean I started another one back in December and posted for like twenty tweets then deleted it (R.I.P. Brooch Approach) but then I don’t know why I got another one but I did. So tweet me or something HERE! {Before I chicken out and delete it again}

I think I was probably sick of having to go out of my way to read Shaquille O’Neil’s tweets. You know, THE_REAL_SHAQ?



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