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In a Camp of Concentration

March 1, 2011

Hello again! Another quick update because it is waaayyy past my bedtime.

Tonight I finished inking all 46 pages of this thing I’ve been slugging away at. I hate to keep being a little tease about it but maybe because there wasn’t an ounce of fanfare when my pen marked that last line, I felt like SOMEONE had to know.

My fourth comic class happens this Saturday! We’re taking a few pages (from what book I still don’t know) and using them as a framework as a class for each student to jump start their own comic page. I’m excited to drawdraw, not just listen to myself jack jaw about how much I love Michel Rabagliati. I bring him up every class at least once.

ALSO, here is the last place I’ll mention that I did an interview for the Chicago based organization Sixty Inches From Center, led by my dear friend Miles. You can read it HERE. He also interviewed my new Chicago bud, the wonderful and insanely talented Maddie Reyna which you can also read HERE.

Lastly, here are two web comic banners I designed for two wildly talented comic-ers.

The first is for Nicole M.’s comic This is NOT Fiction, which you can read HERE.

The second is for Mickey Quinn’s comic Best Friends Forever, which can be found HERE.

Both comics/kids were wonderful to work for and I’d definitely be reading everything coming from their nimble fingertips from now on.

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  1. Miles permalink
    March 1, 2011 6:06 PM

    Time to spend that H&M giftcard!

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