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April 12, 2011

For those that just happened to stumble on my website this morning I’m sure were surprised to find a complete change of pace. That comic I’ve been jack-jawwing about for months now is finally ready for your viewing pleasure! is no longer just a portfolio site but now a sort of web comic serializer thing. As In The Parlor Room finishes its run as a twice weekly serialized comic, other comic related projects will come to replace it and so on and so forth. Do not fret though, on Saturdays I’ll still post other artwork and sketches and such over here on my blog.

So here’s the deal. In The Parlor Room is done and you can read the updates twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and wait until sometime in July to read the ending. OR you can be incredibly impatient and buy the print version of In The Parlor Room here at my Etsy.


Each mini comic is a 42 page deal (plus a few end pages/dedications/etc.) with a hand cut two silk screen cover. And to ensure that each and every one makes it to your home in one piece, each one is packaged in a hand assembled chip board folder with a silk-screened belly band (which is that second photo). Like I said, you can wait and read it as I update it or buy the book and beat your friends to the climax while their browsers are still loading. On my Etsy, I only have 50 books available for purchase to ensure I actually have something to show at TCAF (which in less than a month, oh my gosh).

I hope this little comic of mine will be worth the goofy hype I tried to start for it!

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