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Post-TCAF Hang-Over/ Why can’t I sleep all day?

May 12, 2011

Hey again everyone,

TCAF last weekend was great albeit exhausting! I left my table once for the entire weekend so I don’t have much to report comics-wise but everyone I met was nothing but wonderful. Now I’m back in Chicago enjoying the unseasonably warm weather we most dutifully deserve. The flowers are in bloom and the mexican ice cream trucks are once again making their rounds and its hard to believe that I’ve been in this city for almost a full year.

Preparatory work on my next comic project, that Sci Fi love story thing is going swell. I spend most of my time writing the script and yesterday I crested the 142 comic page mark. PHEW, trying not to freak out and jinx myself before I even start. Especially now that I’ve decided to do this thing up proper and digitally color it thereby almost doubling the work load. I’ll probably be done with it sometime within the decade.

Last but not least, I have a few posters left over from TCAF which are available for purchase through my store HERE.

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