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A WRINKLE IN TIME; 50th Anniversary Edition

February 9, 2012

Not too long ago I was asked to continue my work on A Wrinkle in Time to help celebrate the book’s momentous birthday this year. I probably won’t have the free time anywhere in the near future to finish comics for the rest of the book but it was really nice to revisit Calvin O’Keefe, Charles Wallace, and (of course) Meg.

My take on a hypothetical cover.

And a short comic. For those following along at home this sequence appears from Chapter 9; IT.


If you haven’t already, the rest of the work I did for A Wrinkle In Time can be found HERE.

The rest of the bloggers participating in this 50th anniversary tour can be found HERE.

And the new edition of the book as well which is mighty pretty if you ask me. It includes L’Engle’s Newberry Award acceptance speech which is so cute. That and a photo from the night of the awards ceremony (August 1963) her hair styled like a lollipop, elbow length white gloves looking exactly as you’d hope she would.

And proof of my participation.

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