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The Sorese Brothers

June 23, 2011

My really remarkable little brother Logan (the brain behind most of the legitimacy my work has on the internet) has finally put together a legit website for his web design work. If you’re in the market for doing up your stake on the internet real pretty like, check it out!


In The Parlor Room {Pages 20 + 21}

June 16, 2011

“Tenants With Benefits” show

June 13, 2011

A few weeks back (actually right around when I was finishing up that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles piece) my roommates and I threw a little gallery show in our friend’s newly emptied apartment. The show was called “Tenants With Benefits” and a short write up about it (as well as photos of the gallery space/the pieces my roommates also completed) went online today over HERE.

Work is still chugging along with my next comic project. The cast for the first book is just over 20 characters (not to mention crowds and generic background folks) so I’ve been busy reworking every tiny detail as I slowly rework this universe I’m building. I think I’ve nailed how this thing will look (see above) so the tentative launch date of “maybe October-ish?” feels pretty manageable.

In the Parlor Room, my current serialized comic project, is still chugging along as we speak. Check it on my main site as well over on my tumblr, on Tuesdays and Thursdays for updates.

Shell Shock { A TMNT Tribute Gallery}

June 1, 2011

If you live anywhere near Philadelphia and don’t already have plans for this Friday, I definitely recommend trying to make it out to ‘Shell Shock’, a tribute gallery show focused on those beloved Turtles on A Half Shell happening from 6 till 9 at Brave New Worlds Comics. Not only do I have a piece in it but my dear friends Becky Dreistadt and Zach Marcus are both in it as well.

As a kid, the action figures were my whole world. I joke but I owned most, if not all of them. Remember the Michelangelo Party Time one? With the birthday whistle in his chest that you could blow through? I do. So for my piece it seems only right to recreate the packaging for the action figures, or at least do it as if I was in charge of product design in the early 90s. (Close second to my love for the toys; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Turtles in Time. Throwing the Foot Solider at the screen never got old)

Both paintings were cut out and sandwiched around a piece of chip board and hung inside of a refurbished kitchen drawer I found in a thrift store and fixed up (sanded/puttied/primed/painted). I even reused the protective toy bubble I found on the packaging of a Ben 10 action figure, which you can more easily see in that second photo above.

Another close up. The finish piece was sealed between two sheets of plexiglass (to preserve its collector’s value) and is hung so you can easily see both sides of the piece.

Work In Progress

May 21, 2011

Post-TCAF Hang-Over/ Why can’t I sleep all day?

May 12, 2011

Hey again everyone,

TCAF last weekend was great albeit exhausting! I left my table once for the entire weekend so I don’t have much to report comics-wise but everyone I met was nothing but wonderful. Now I’m back in Chicago enjoying the unseasonably warm weather we most dutifully deserve. The flowers are in bloom and the mexican ice cream trucks are once again making their rounds and its hard to believe that I’ve been in this city for almost a full year.

Preparatory work on my next comic project, that Sci Fi love story thing is going swell. I spend most of my time writing the script and yesterday I crested the 142 comic page mark. PHEW, trying not to freak out and jinx myself before I even start. Especially now that I’ve decided to do this thing up proper and digitally color it thereby almost doubling the work load. I’ll probably be done with it sometime within the decade.

Last but not least, I have a few posters left over from TCAF which are available for purchase through my store HERE.


May 5, 2011

A quick heads up before I head out the door to catch my Greyhound bus. If you haven’t already heard (or read the numerous times I’ve mentioned it here) I’ll be at TCAF this weekend! So anxiously excited! I’ve got 90 copies of In The Parlor Room (freshly cut and stapled and assembled) as well as two silkscreened posters and some postcards and who knows what else.

The top one is a simple 11 X 17 on Stonehenge paper. The bottom is a little larger, roughly 20 by 15 with additional painted details.

If I have any left overs from either print run post-TCAF they’ll be available for purchase online. I’ve been bitten by the silkscreening bug in real big way so there are plenty more prints happening in the near and immediate future.

I’ll also have this at TCAF as well. I’ve been dabbling in over-sized sign lettering and let me tell you what, shit is fun. This will be behind my head all weekend so if you see this and my bright blue table cloth, you know where you at.

Here is a map, just to be on the safe side. And yes, that is Jake Gyllenhaal and no, I am not Jake Gyllenhaal.

Lastly, I did two (more like one and a half) interviews recently.

1.) I did a real life in-person interview with a really wonderful fellow Chicagian Rose Lannin which can be found here…

2.) And this little TCAF specific questionare for the National Post which is here as well.

Hope to see you all this weekend! Oh gosh, just got SO nervous.