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Shell Shock { A TMNT Tribute Gallery}

June 1, 2011

If you live anywhere near Philadelphia and don’t already have plans for this Friday, I definitely recommend trying to make it out to ‘Shell Shock’, a tribute gallery show focused on those beloved Turtles on A Half Shell happening from 6 till 9 at Brave New Worlds Comics. Not only do I have a piece in it but my dear friends Becky Dreistadt and Zach Marcus are both in it as well.

As a kid, the action figures were my whole world. I joke but I owned most, if not all of them. Remember the Michelangelo Party Time one? With the birthday whistle in his chest that you could blow through? I do. So for my piece it seems only right to recreate the packaging for the action figures, or at least do it as if I was in charge of product design in the early 90s. (Close second to my love for the toys; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Turtles in Time. Throwing the Foot Solider at the screen never got old)

Both paintings were cut out and sandwiched around a piece of chip board and hung inside of a refurbished kitchen drawer I found in a thrift store and fixed up (sanded/puttied/primed/painted). I even reused the protective toy bubble I found on the packaging of a Ben 10 action figure, which you can more easily see in that second photo above.

Another close up. The finish piece was sealed between two sheets of plexiglass (to preserve its collector’s value) and is hung so you can easily see both sides of the piece.

Work In Progress

May 21, 2011

Post-TCAF Hang-Over/ Why can’t I sleep all day?

May 12, 2011

Hey again everyone,

TCAF last weekend was great albeit exhausting! I left my table once for the entire weekend so I don’t have much to report comics-wise but everyone I met was nothing but wonderful. Now I’m back in Chicago enjoying the unseasonably warm weather we most dutifully deserve. The flowers are in bloom and the mexican ice cream trucks are once again making their rounds and its hard to believe that I’ve been in this city for almost a full year.

Preparatory work on my next comic project, that Sci Fi love story thing is going swell. I spend most of my time writing the script and yesterday I crested the 142 comic page mark. PHEW, trying not to freak out and jinx myself before I even start. Especially now that I’ve decided to do this thing up proper and digitally color it thereby almost doubling the work load. I’ll probably be done with it sometime within the decade.

Last but not least, I have a few posters left over from TCAF which are available for purchase through my store HERE.


May 5, 2011

A quick heads up before I head out the door to catch my Greyhound bus. If you haven’t already heard (or read the numerous times I’ve mentioned it here) I’ll be at TCAF this weekend! So anxiously excited! I’ve got 90 copies of In The Parlor Room (freshly cut and stapled and assembled) as well as two silkscreened posters and some postcards and who knows what else.

The top one is a simple 11 X 17 on Stonehenge paper. The bottom is a little larger, roughly 20 by 15 with additional painted details.

If I have any left overs from either print run post-TCAF they’ll be available for purchase online. I’ve been bitten by the silkscreening bug in real big way so there are plenty more prints happening in the near and immediate future.

I’ll also have this at TCAF as well. I’ve been dabbling in over-sized sign lettering and let me tell you what, shit is fun. This will be behind my head all weekend so if you see this and my bright blue table cloth, you know where you at.

Here is a map, just to be on the safe side. And yes, that is Jake Gyllenhaal and no, I am not Jake Gyllenhaal.

Lastly, I did two (more like one and a half) interviews recently.

1.) I did a real life in-person interview with a really wonderful fellow Chicagian Rose Lannin which can be found here…

2.) And this little TCAF specific questionare for the National Post which is here as well.

Hope to see you all this weekend! Oh gosh, just got SO nervous.

April Class; Manga

April 29, 2011

Just a little update to let you all know about my next class! Its tomorrow, which snuck up on me real quick in the middle of me preparing for TCAF! Its the first class in a set of three all about manga. If you have the chance, try and stop by!

HER BLUFF; Fluke Anthology 2011

April 24, 2011

For those that were unable to go to this year’s Fluke, here is my entry in this year’s Fluke Anthology.

My goal with it was to try and reign back how overwrought my work tends to be (have you been reading In The Parlor Room?) which I think was only half successful. By page four I picked up all my old habits again and totally forgot I even had that “plan” to begin with. The Fluke Anthology was actually the first place I was ever published, waaayyy back in 2007 (Fluke Anthology #6) right around the time when I started giving comics a more serious shot.

Spring Cleaning Off My Desktop {Part Deux}

April 17, 2011

Totally forgot I also meant to post this as well.

My ex-professor just sent me a physical t-shirt with that design I drew a million years ago. Felt really great to see my drawing printed in thick scab-like t-shirt ink. Been a whole year since I drew this thing too. SO STRANGE!

Spring Cleaning Off My Desktop

April 17, 2011

Realized I never posted this cover I did a few weeks back. Back when I was finishing In The Parlor Room, actually the night the pages were sent off to the printers in one huge PDF this assignment rolled in. One all-nighter later (12:01 am to 9:30 am) this was done.

A few weeks back I did a batch of simple illustrations for a local Chicago-ian and his newly budding design firm. These are the two I’m most fond of.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has been so incredibly nice about my new web comic! Making me feel like a internet king, at least for a day!

My main website doesn’t have a built in RSS feed so if you want to Google Reader my comic, I’ve started a simple tumblr so you can do that.

P.S. So jealous of all of you watching The Game of Thrones HBO premiere! All of you with cable!


April 12, 2011

For those that just happened to stumble on my website this morning I’m sure were surprised to find a complete change of pace. That comic I’ve been jack-jawwing about for months now is finally ready for your viewing pleasure! is no longer just a portfolio site but now a sort of web comic serializer thing. As In The Parlor Room finishes its run as a twice weekly serialized comic, other comic related projects will come to replace it and so on and so forth. Do not fret though, on Saturdays I’ll still post other artwork and sketches and such over here on my blog.

So here’s the deal. In The Parlor Room is done and you can read the updates twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and wait until sometime in July to read the ending. OR you can be incredibly impatient and buy the print version of In The Parlor Room here at my Etsy.


Each mini comic is a 42 page deal (plus a few end pages/dedications/etc.) with a hand cut two silk screen cover. And to ensure that each and every one makes it to your home in one piece, each one is packaged in a hand assembled chip board folder with a silk-screened belly band (which is that second photo). Like I said, you can wait and read it as I update it or buy the book and beat your friends to the climax while their browsers are still loading. On my Etsy, I only have 50 books available for purchase to ensure I actually have something to show at TCAF (which in less than a month, oh my gosh).

I hope this little comic of mine will be worth the goofy hype I tried to start for it!

MAUITIME {March 10th, 2011}

March 10, 2011

For those lucky enough to live in Hawaii, you’ll fine my work gracing the cover of today’s issue of MauiTime.

Thanks to Chris Skiles for his help as well as the wonderful graphic design he’s wrought on top of my piece. Seeing it presented like this feels so, I don’t know, legit.

Now that I’m in the throes of this new experimental illustration phase, I’ve been thinking a lot about the heavy hitters of the field, people like Anita Kunz and Steve Brodner. Both are at this point extremely well established and have had long enough careers to easily see how they’ve stayed pertinent through adapting to changing times and styles. Having been out of school for less than a year and trying to comprehend Brodner’s thirty plus years in the ‘biz is unfathomable.

I remember seeing a bunch of Steve Brodner’s work for the mid-nineties where he built clay models of the politicians he was depicting, photograph them, then digitally assemble paintings and found objects into this completed illustration. Nowadays, you can look back at it and snicker at his very obvious purchase of a Macintosh Computer and a copy of Photoshop, but is still no less inspiring. As much as I admire artists like Al Hirschfeld and Hank Ketchum, the consistency in their work (although inspiring in its own way) is not how I want to approach my work. Hirschfeld did his schtick for eight decades! How did he get away with that?!!?

And the sketches with the accompanying real life counterpart.